In marine, efficiency is our theme and safety our approach.

Visedo electric drive trains for hybrid and full electric systems are the technology leaders in the marine sector. Using the latest technology designed especially for marine applications, our products offer unmatched efficiency through the whole operational load cycle of the vessel. With Visedo a vessels achieve lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 and small particle emissions compared to traditional diesel technology. The extremely compact and lightweight design conserves precious space in the machine room and reduces overall weight.

Every Visedo product is thoroughly tested to guarantee optimal performance and endurance in even the harshest marine environments.

Market trends
Due to environmental regulations, new vessel types and developments in ship design and technology, -hybrid, diesel– /- gas-electric or full-electric powertrains are becoming more feasible, more attractive or even mandatory in several areas of the shipping business.
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Visedo Marine is your one-stop shop for robust, space- and weight- saving, efficient power trains with clear system architecture that avoids unnecessary complexity.

Unlike typical electrical marine applications based on normal industrial technology modified to pass more stringent requirements. Visedo’s solutions are optimised from the start for harsh environments. Our electrical power train systems consist of electrically and mechanically strong, liquid-cooled components designed in-house with high IP-classes and permanent magnet technology.

Let us help you take your business to the future!

Visedo offers products for a complete powertrain for a marine vessel. Whether your business is to operate or build vessels or to provide solutions and services for vessel onwers and buiders by offering your own products or integrating systems, we will be with you to the degree you want by delivering individual products, subsystems- / -units or fully functional powertrains.

Be part of the new wave of electromobility – choose Visedo.


Benefits of Visedo marine applications:

Lower fuel consumption

Reduced CO2 and small particle emissions

Space and weight savings

Lower maintenance costs

Less audible noise